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Battle of the Babes #206: Battle of the Emilys

04.26.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I have not been watching nearly as many movies in the theater that I used to. Back in the day (about a year or two ago), I'd jump at the chance to see the latest R-rated movie from Jason Segel, but that was when he wasn't dating Michelle Williams and putting out tired looking shit like THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT. It's got a great looking co-star in the flick though, so I'll just focus on that for the time being.

Emily Blunt

Jason has a good history with Emily, the cute little side-romance that they had going on in the awful GULLIVER'S TRAVELS was the only thing about the movie worth watching. Jason convincing Blunt to appear in THE MUPPETS was another perfect move. I can't say I'm excited to see these two talents do a long-term relationship which never comes to fruition and whoa is them because their families and friends get on their backs about it. But I can say that I've paid this much attention thus far because of her.

Emily Deschanel

If I had to give you one solid reason for why I keep returning to watch "Bones," even in its seventh, swimming with the sharks, season, it's because I do so love me some Emily Deschanel. In the sister Face/Off, I wouldn't have needed to weigh the components. I just love listening to Emily bust out those wordy lines on the show with a straight face. She's sweet and soft and unnervingly funny in such an unintentional way. She's the kind of woman who you want to be seen with... and just be> with.

Emily Vancamp

I don't know much about Miss Vancamp but I've heard good thing about her on the drama "Revenge," and she has been showing up to events looking like a total babe, so I think she's got the chops to fill the third slot with these other two big-hitters. Something cool about a blonde with brown eyes, where the blonde doesn't look dyed, but just a natural juxtaposition of features.

Which is the Emily you'd wait forever for?

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