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Battle of the Babes #202: Magazine Cover Babes

03.29.2012by: Cherry Liquor

No one was all that into the pregnant ladies last week. Hell, I thought there was some magic to being a pregnant lady (by the time that I had posted that article, I was unaware that Hilary Duff had given birth to her son Luca with husband/hockey player Mike Comrie the Tuesday before... so Congrats to them!) had over wieners, but I suppose not. This week there have been a lot of great magazine covers released in various countries and frankly I couldn't think of anything better for the week than to compare a couple of seasoned models versus a reigning Hollywood It Girl.

Camille Rowe

I'm not super familiar with Rowe as a model but her layout in the current issue of Elle Belgium shows that she's a really good looking chick who doesn't shy away from modeling nudity. (NSFW proof!) She hails from France and has photographed with that pervy Terry Richardson. This cover is a cute glimpse of what you should take time Googling later. When you're alone. Yeah.

Candice Swanepoel

When this Victoria's Secret babe first appeared nearly two years ago, I was all over her like a... gossip site writer is all over a good looking chick. There's been controversy since she's come into the spotlight more, namely the allegations that her legs shouldn't look like a couple of potato stick snacks. She's still lovely and her ass is great for a skinny girl and damned if she doesn't always film flawlessly like here for the cover of the UK GQ.

Jennifer Lawrence

Katniss Everdeen on the cover of the German Interview magazine, wearing a one-piece that looks like cast-off from Katy Perry's first concert tour? Yes, please! This is a healthy, insanely beautiful in the simplicity of her beauty kinda gal. Jennifer... girlie, you rock. You were the only actress who could come close enough to perfect the awesomeness that is Katniss.

Which cover model would you like to perforate at the seams?

Source: IMDB


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