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Battle of the Babes #201: 2012's Preggo Hotties

03.22.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Pregnancy is the "in" gig for the Hollywood ladies as of late and they're not waiting until they have some fertility struggle, working up until they've Anistoned themselves into a painted corner. Many of the recent batch of celeb preggonauts are young and getting the child thing out of the way before they need magical incantation spells or the phone number of the surrogate their gay friends used. Here's but three of those such ladies.

Elsa Pataky

Yep, Pataki is pregnant under that super stylish dress she's wearing. It'll be interesting if she can take off the extra pounds by the time that she and THOR hubby, Chris Hemsworth need to sashay down the red carpet for THE AVENGERS, seeing as how her due date is estimated to be sometime in April.

Hilary Duff

Maybe it's because she was a Disney darling once upon a time, maybe it's because guys around the world think she's awesome since the paps caught her giving her (then to be future hubby) a public hummer after he proposed to her, but it feels as if Hilary Duff has been pregnant forever. She's been one of the cutest in showing off the bump without getting too skimpy with it (no bikini pics, no naked magazine covers, just a Funny or Die video and an Xmas Twitter picture of a painted belly). Duff is due to pop any time this month, perhaps just lying back and watching her spawn skate out of her womb, if it turns out to be anything like its daddy.

Jessica Simpson

For years Jessica Simpson has been pregnant if we were to believe every gossip post that was written about her in the tabloids. At one point it was because the fans couldn't wait to see her naturally large breasts grow to epic proportions. After awhile, I think they all hoped that it could just finally be the reason for why she was putting on weight. Seems something other than chicken wings and fried okra finally stuck to Simpson's frame, as we've all been privy to with her bare-it-all cover she did for Elle magazine.

Which pregnant star looks just as good with a full oven than with an empty one?

Source: IMDB


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