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Battle of the Babes #20

09.18.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Last week it was all about telling me which of the babes I loved to hate the most was the hottest. Catherine Zeta Jones for the win, Alex. With my mind all a flutter, I've set out to pair up another three actresses (which isn't technically a pair, when I think about it) and since I'm hyped about QUANTUM OF SOLACE and the hotness that is Daniel Craig, I thought we'd look back at some of the forgotten women of the last James Bond, Pierce Brosnan.

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle played Wai Lin in TOMORROW NEVER DIES, the second of the Bond movies that Brosnan graced us with his presence. Ass-kicking seems to be Michelle's middle name (or first, or last... I get confused with some Asian countries and how they flip their names around) and while I wasn't a fan of this Bond flick, it would be hard for me to deny the soft beauty Yeoh has which surrounds all of her sharp martial arts moves.

Sophie Marceau

I prefer to think of Sophie Marceau in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH instead of the laughable Denise Richards (as if that woman could be an expert at anything other than getting her taint waxed). While she had the unfortunate circumstance of sharing the name Elektra with another more well known (and little respected) comic book character movie released later, Marceau has been kicking around for so long as a model and actress, it's hard not to pucker your lips and try on a faux French accent when you say her name. Hell, it's hard to look at her and not salivate.

Rosamund Pike

What a poor choice of names. I can think of a ton of other sexy names rather than choose to work by Rosamund. Hell, it might have done it for men back in the 1800's, but these days it just doesn't get you roles. And it certainly doesn't help your chances of getting people to remember that you were the other hot chick in DIE ANOTHER DAY, especially when your competition is Halle Berry as Jinx. Pike still looks pretty damn good in blonde, though.

Which of the B-Team Bond hotties do you prefer?

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