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Battle of the Babes #198: Hybrid Babes

03.01.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I don't want to trample on a lot of people's expectations of THE LORAX, but the classic tale that us Gen Xers grew up with, the one where we were chastised into major guilt over not doing more for the environment, well... it's a dish best served before they had to throw in musical numbers and a Betty White grandma in order to get the kids of today's market to watch it. So let's just pick our favorite all-natural conservationists, these Hollywood Hybrid driving babes.

Charlize Theron

She was raised in South Africa and witnessed her mother shooting her father to death to avoid being killed at the hands of his abuse. I'd think that would earn you some forgiveness if you wanted to tool around in a tricked-out Escalade. But Charlize is dedicated to keeping it green (and gold, seeing as how she never ceases to be amazing on screen, even if they overlook her unless she "uglies" up for a role) and drives a hybrid vehicle. All the way around in our fantasies.

Natalie Portman

She named her kid something non-traditional (call a spade a spade, folks at those gossip magazines - she named her son something "non-American-sounding"), practiced being a vegan until she was knocked up and began craving real milk, and is all around one of those chicks who screams "tree hugger" from just the look of her. So she drives a hybrid. And really, I just wanted a chance to post a pic of her from CLOSER.

Penelope Cruz

Over the years, my opinion of Penelope Cruz has massively grown by leaps and bounds, sort of parallel to the sales records for hybrid cars. Makes sense she drives one, or at the last time I checked she did. Becoming a parent makes people trade in vehicles for bigger, less fuel-efficient options. Though thinking of her MILF chest, I'm getting curious if one day they can manufacture a car that runs on breast milk.

Which babe makes you crave the greener side of the fence?

Source: IMDB


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