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Battle of the Babes #197: Kidnapped & Trapped Babes

02.23.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Without getting too political on all y'all, I'll just assume that you've heard rumblings of how the conservatives in American public office have been discussing how women's reproductive rights should be handled, effectively holding them hostage to their own demented will. Sorta sounds like a lame thriller movie, something along the lines of GONE. I'm not going to speculate that the movie itself doesn't rise above, but the concept has been trampled on quite a bit over the years. Let's look at some of the other victims and see who best stacks up.

Elisha Cuthbert

Around the time that CAPTIVITY was released, people weren't as interested in the "torture porn" genre and the movie failed to make financial waves at the box office. This is one of those movies that I know I watched and yet have no strong recollection of. Famous actress abducted and stuck in a room to be spied on, mentally toyed with and overall psychologically tormented? Sounds like awesome GOP fap material.

Gemma Arterton

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED has been on my NetFlix queue for what feels like a decade and a half. I personally am quite taken with Arterton and have been a fan since she sported the severe black bob and badass attitude in the ST. TRINIAN movies. And since Arterton is topless in the movie, I should be rapidly running to watch it out of sheer perverted curiosity.

Rachel Nichols

Here's a great example of a movie that wasn't supposed to freak me out as much as it did. A chick gets chased around and secluded in a parking garage, the object of obsession for the security guard who has been stalking her for some time. in P2, Rachel Nichols sweats, screams, pants so hard that her full bosom becomes the equivalent to a hypnotist's weaving pocket watch. She's the perfect hostage to want to watch kicking ass to get out of her predicament.

Which napped & trapped hottie would you chew through your ropes for?

Source: IMDB


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