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Battle of the Babes #193: Gender Bender Battle

01.26.2012by: Cherry Liquor

So everyone is making a big fuss about how Glenn Close did this dramatic turn in ALBERT NOBBS which is great and all, I'm not going to knock a top notch performance. But so many of the movies where there's a great person in the lead role doesn't automatically make for an entertaining movie. But somehow, putting a fairly well known dude in chick's apparel is hysterical. I'm not asking you which of these movies has the hottest dudettes in it, just which one provided you with the most bang for your yuk-yuk when you watched it.


Michael Rosenbaum looked really damn good as a chick in this movie. More so than Barry Watson who was supposed to be the pretty boy from "7th Heaven" doing this goofy turn in drag. However, most of the stills I can find of Rosenbaum in drag don't hold that up. I'd rather watch him in the movie for the scene where he geeks out about an article of clothing being in his size or loses his shit when he's called a fat chick. Great stuff.


Take two well-known action heroes and one Latin comedian who shouldn't be down for feminizing himself and you get one of the most successful cross-dressing comedies ever. I don't particularly think the movie is all that funny (come on, am I really supposed to laugh about Stockard Channing's domestic abuse?) but it sold well simply on people being excited to see our beloved Johnny Castle in a dress. Love you for that, Mr. Swayze. It's what made you one of the legends.


I don't f*cking care what people tell me about this movie, it's forever been one of my guilty pleasures. I can watch it over and over again for Terry Crews alone, but I have to admit that seeing the Wayans brothers dig as deeply as they could into their bag of tricks to get you to somehow forget that they were a couple of black dudes instead of real white chicks like Paris and Nikki Hilton who only look like trannies in real life was a special, special thing.

Which gender bending movie do you enjoy the most?

Extra Tidbit: I know the Ring Girls Battle introduced you to some faces you don't see on a regular basis (which resulted in a couple of 3-way tie votes) but sometimes things just speak for themselves. And Arianny's supporters spoke loudest, as she got 48% of the vote to Brittney's 30% and Mercedes' 22%.
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