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Battle of the Babes #190: Devilish Babes

01.05.2012by: Cherry Liquor

A lot of people talk about wanting to end the year with a bang. A good deal of people I know claim that the best banging comes from the craziest chicks. Sure, she might burn down your house, boil your pet or play it tame and just slash your tires, but crazy bitches be bangin', yo. Maybe I just relate. Maybe that's the reason why I thought this up. The world may never know.

Charlize Theron

Despite my love of Keanu Reeves, I've never gotten around to watching THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. I know Charlize is in the movie and I know that she's proven herself to be a multitalented actress these days, but I can only speculate that she was the eye candy in this movie at the time of its release. And what sweet, sweet candy Charlize always is.

Emily Blunt

I forgot completely about Anne Hathaway the minute that Emily Blunt was introduced in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. I think most people did. It might have something to do with why her cameo in THE MUPPETS was so well received. (And I watched that movie with several different audiences in the theaters, so I know she was always a welcome sight.) Em isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I'll certainly drink her all up.

Rachel Weisz

Oh, CONSTANTINE. Again, another Keanu movie with the devil as inspiration. This one I did see. In the theaters. Whilst very, very high. It made no sense to me then and I remembered very little of it. I watched it years later at home while sober and it still made little sense to me. And now I still don't remember most of it. But I always like me some Weisz, so here she is.

Which devil's plaything would you most like to fool around with?

Extra Tidbit: Lack of results remembered to post from last week due to some alcohol fueled self medication and a randy webcam strip tease. Both made me lose my senses more than the Battle of the Crazy Ass White Chicks from last week. Ali Larter won easily with 63%, Erika Christensen was second with 26% and there's still some love left for Drew with 11%
Source: IMDB


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