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Battle of the Babes #189: Crazy Ass White Chicks

12.29.2011by: Cherry Liquor

A lot of people talk about wanting to end the year with a bang. A good deal of people I know claim that the best banging comes from the craziest chicks. Sure, she might burn down your house, boil your pet or play it tame and just slash your tires, but crazy bitches be bangin', yo. Maybe I just relate. Maybe that's the reason why I thought this up. The world may never know.

Ali Larter

OBSESSED was a really weak wannabe rip-off of FATAL ATTRACTION and the dude was supposed to have more honor than Michael Douglas becuase they wanted to dispel the myth about all black men being dogs, but really, Ali Larter chewed up the scenery and made Beyonce look like someone was yet again just pulling her puppet strings. On a scale of one to ten, I didn't really consider the character of Lisa to be all that crazy. Annoying and obnoxious, yeah. But full blown nuts? Not so much. Probably gives great head, though. Looks like the type.

Drew Barrymore

The original POISON IVY disturbed me so much when I watched it for the first time way back in 1992, partly because I'm really close in age to Drew Barrymore and - EW! - who in the hell would ever be crazy or desperate enough to seduce Tom Skerritt? That made the flick more of a horror than thriller for me. We might just have Drew to thank for totally flipping the switch on Sara Gilbert, what with their passionate girl-on-girl kiss. (Yeah, right. Who else was creeped out more by that than Drew & Tom?) You want to feel a little sorry for Ivy, at least that's what I think the movie's makers were aiming for. She's mostly evil for having no damn standards, though.

Erika Christensen

SWIMFAN was supposed to be about turning Jesse Bradford and Shiri Appleby into bigger big screen names but instead it was Erika Christensen who rose to the crazy girl occasion and makes every dude get a half-chub from the smell of chlorine. It surprises me that this film was made in 2002, what seems like so long ago and just yesterday at the same time and presented how our technology obsessed society has made stalking an easy 1-2-3 art form with all of the options we have to track people down. And it's only gotten more convoluted since then. Madison is the chick you hope you'll never meet again. But it doesn't stop you from wanting to meet her in the first place.

Which crazy ass white chick gets the biggest rise out of you?

Source: IMDB


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