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Battle of the Babes #185: Attack of the Pixies

12.01.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I guess there were a decent number of you who couldn't make it to mom's house for Thanksgiving or I really touched some nerve. The week of thanks (American version) is supposed to be embraced. Be thankful that there are so many good women to look at that I have to break from the norm to retain my heterosexuality. Be thankful that it sparked a discussion. Be thankful that we're back to women... with boyish haircuts... this week.

Halle Berry

Berry is normally crowned a winner because of her sick body and refusal to age. But does that mean that you'd want to risk touching her hair? She's only half black but I wonder if she cut her locks into a cropped style because of the old stereotype that black women refuse to allow men to mess with their tresses. The woman would look good even if she was bald, so it's really a rather moot point.

Michelle Williams

Here's someone where I can appreciate her beauty when she has the long, flowing blonde locks but also love the way that a short haircut defines all of the quirky angles of her face. Williams truly has a casual, natural beauty that overshadows her shorter hair, even as it plays to her strengths.

Selma Blair

While there will be no one who can wear the severe bob like Blair did in the HELLBOY movies, I can say that the even shorter look on her suits as well. She's another one of those actresses with a lot of character to her face. Yes, I know I could have gone with the more predictable choice of Emma Watson for this pixie battle, but Blair needs some love and this is exactly where she is going to get it.

Which pixie do you want to dust?

Extra Tidbit: 53 replies last week and I could only find 16 actual votes (and three of those came from Marcey because she couldn't decide and a couple others came from another waffler). I don't know if it was because I hardened the blow by featuring Ryan Gosling as the Hot or Not earlier in the week, but let me reiterate: I have traditionally done something out of the norm EVERY Thanksgiving Thursday BoB. Hell, be thankful that I even do one when most people are taking the day off to overeat and get in line for discounts on Xboxes at Wal-Mart. The dudes on "True Blood" are fine specimens and I know that women aren't the only ones watching that show, so damn. What's there really to complain about? That said, 50% of the vote went to Joe and the other half was evenly split between Alexander and Ryan. Can you at least be thankful that I didn't do a "dudes of TWILIGHT" battle?
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