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Battle of the Babes #184: The Men of True Blood

11.24.2011by: Cherry Liquor

Every Thanksgiving Battle of the Babes Thursday that's gone by in the past 3+ years that I've been writing this column, I've done something different from the norm because I assume most of you are watching sports or eating your mama's food instead of lounging on the interwebs. The last time I did a male BoB was with the fellas from the STAR TREK reboot, so it's about time to do another one and where better to look for tasty men folk than the super-sexualized vampire show, "True Blood"?

Alexander Skarsgard

Skars is the obligatory entry this week, since it's hard to deny that he's a huge fan favorite but I personally don't find him the least bit attractive. Too Nordic, too skinny, too creepy, whatever you want to call it. I'd have preferred including Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte on the show) or even Terry Lowe (traumatized vet Terry Bellefleur) instead, but if I have to choose between Erik Northman and Bill Compton, the show's biggest male leads, I'll go with this dude.

Joe Manganiello

You know I give a shit about this dude if I bothered to learn how to spell his name without needing to look it up even 5 seconds. Joe came in during the third season to rock the Trewbies' boat (now that fan nickname I'm uncertain as to the spelling of) as werehottie Alcide. Joe is hot, Joe is built as hardcore as a man can get (liken this to one of the curviest women in the business, if you're having trouble getting your gay side to cooperate, fellas) and his character is a sensitive softie. What's not to like?

Ryan Kwanten

First, is there anyone else out there besides me who actually liked the horror flick DEAD SILENCE? I usually get mocked for saying I remember the movie let alone the fact that I liked it. This is where I remember Kwanten from originally, so when I checked him out on the HBO series as Jason Stackhouse, he had built-in love from me. From what I've heard and read, (staff correspondent JimmyO met Ryan while he was promoting RED HILL) he's also a super swell guy in real life.

Which dude here are your Truly Thankful for?

Extra Tidbit: I think I did an Emma Battle at some point, so that might have caused the confusion over Emma Stone not being in the 21 & Fun Battle, but that also might have to do with the fact that I fully understand most of you don't read the words next to the pictures. For the win last week, Jennifer Lawrence racked up 21 votes (natch!) for 48% of the vote and the overall win. Emma Watson was naturally very close with 41% of the votes and Kristen Stewart picked up the remaining 11% of the tally.
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