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Battle of the Babes #180: Halloween Costumes

10.27.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I have no idea which brand of energy drink October of 2011 guzzled down, but holy hell has this month gone by fast. I want to dose the mofo with some Ritalin or something, because I can't deal with the crazy train that it's been. Since one of the only thing that I've heard my friends talking about incessantly for the last three weeks is what costume to wear, I thought we could make this week a little bit of a change up and see what you fellas like in terms of how the ladies do dress up. (REMEMBER: Hottest costume style, not the actress in the demo.)

Sweet/Cute Costume

Yes, I know Alyssa Milano is a hottie, but look at the big fairy wings, cutesy pie expression on her face and prolific use of glitter. This is still short enough and low cut enough to be considered sexy but it's more of a princess look from a grown woman. Variations include seeing '80's cartoon characters like Jem or Rainbow Brite come to life, as well as slinky versions of Raggedy Anne. Somehow this type of costume on a chick signifies that they're trying to bring out the childhood fetishes in a dude.

Scary/Gory Costume

Be thankful that I went with a tame version of this style, or grateful that it's Eliza Dushku doing the zombified Bonnie and not one of the crazy messes that supermodel Heidi Klum goes overboard with every year. I like the chicks who are willing to slather themselves in blood or run around biting party goers and frothing at the mouth. It demonstrates a great sense of artistic showmanship. Not sure if I could see myself craving taking one home for other flesh related purposes, but women who know they're sexy underneath faux gore? Definitely a winner.

Sexy/Slutty Costume

This video parody probably expresses my opinion on the sexy/slutty costumes better than what I could write. More or less, it's funny to read actresses like Jessica Lowndes state that they try to stay tasteful when going out for Halloween parties in their lingerie. If you watch the video (and it's totally safe for work, etc), you can laugh over all the other bastardized versions of tough characters turned into an excuse for certain chicks to let their tits and ass hang out. For many, I'm sure this is a fantastic thing. For me, I start sweating over whether I have enough $1 bills on me to go around.

On Halloween, which costumed babe do you most want to trick and/or treat with?

Extra Tidbit: Glad you all enjoyed the trio change of pace last week. Seems it was the most attention given to THE THREE MUSKETEERS release, if you listened to Milla's Twitter rant. Out of our trio of trios, MEAN GIRLS Plastics took top prize with a fetching 55% of the total vote. BITCH SLAP ladies smacked 28% of the votes out of you and the CHARLIE'S ANGELS ladies squeezed the remaining 17% of the vote out of you.


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