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Battle of the Babes #178: 2011 Horror Remake Babes

10.13.2011by: Cherry Liquor

This week we've got a couple of remakes on the new release list. I started thinking about how many of the horror movies released this year have been from the horror/thriller genre. True, the originals are ripe for upgrades, many having been made on low-grade budgets with cheesy dialog and craptastic set decor. But that's part of the charm, right? The only potential benefit to a remake is a potential upgrade in the female hotness quotient. Let's examine those this week, shall we?

Imogen Poots

Most of the time I wait until they're released on DVD before I watch any remakes of classic horror films made during a time when I might have sneaked a peek at the film behind my parents' horror hating backs. But FRIGHT NIGHT inspired a hunger in me and I ended up paying extra to watch it in creepy, muddy colored 3D. And it rocked. Much of the appeal was watching the exotic looking Poots (heh heh heh) interact with the phenomenally talented Yelchin, an actor who personifies character development in every role he takes on. Imogen is tough, unconventionally beautiful and held her own next to the rest of the charismatic cast.

Katie Holmes

Considering how big of a Guy Pearce fan I am, I'm surprised that his presence still wasn't enough to get me to feel compelled to watch DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK in theaters. And while I was fully a Katie Holmes fan when she got naked for THE GIFT, I find my interest in her dwindling as well. Which is a shame since she had so much promise... sort of like these remakes start off with.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Don't get me wrong, I like MEW just as much as the next person. I suppose. I mean, she's a hottie and all and quite dependably so, which will make THE THING that much more watchable. I just haven't yet seen her do something to elevate her to the goddess status that some of you believe she's earned. I'll give her time to convince me. It'll be fun.

Which 2011 horror remake babe does it best for you?

Extra Tidbit: I think you've all got a thing for Michelles, While there were a handful of people who wanted to write in Michelle Yeoh, Michele Pfeiffer and Michelle Williams, most of you played along and split your picks fairly evenly. What surprised me is that my girl crush M-Rod was the winner with 38% of the vote, followed very closely by Michelle Monaghan with 30% and Mich-T with 27%.
Source: IMDB


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