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Battle of the Babes #171: Paul Rudd's Babes

08.25.2011by: Cherry Liquor

Paul Rudd might be playing a dumbass in OUR IDIOT BROTHER but when it comes to scoring some of the best looking and most talented chicks as his onscreen love interests, the guy is far from stupid. Looking back over his career, he's had many a babe who complemented him in superficial and substantial ways. Because admit it, he's dreamy and you'd go gay for him if there wasn't such a great line of his ladies to lust after.

Elizabeth Banks

"You taste like a burger. I don't like you anymore" has to be perhaps one of the funniest and most quotable lines in any movie, not just a Paul Rudd movie. Elizabeth Banks wore the BBQ sauce and matched Rudd in goofiness in WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and followed him in several other movies after, solidifying her position as one of his most lust-worthy (if not tastiest) partners to date.

Lake Bell

I've developed quite a thing for Lake Bell as time has progressed and I've watched her add spice to some really shitty movies. This doesn't mean that I've bothered to watch her opposite Rudd in the abysmal looking OVER HER DEAD BODY. It does mean that I YouTube'd the shower scene with her. And holy crap on a stick does this woman have one of the most epic racks on the market today.

Rashida Jones

Rashida as Zooey in I LOVE YOU, MAN is still one of my top favorite girlfriend/fiancee characters in film, with how cool she was in pushing Rudd's character to get a male buddy. Smart, sexy and awesome, it's hard to deny her appeal on or off screen. Which is probably why she is one of the top foils that Rudd has played opposite.

Which Paul Rudd babe does it for you the best?

Extra Tidbit: I dropped the ball in many people's opinion by not including crazy ass Lila from "Dexter" in the battle. Jaime Murray got a 21% write-in vote which tied her with Courtney & Julia. But it seemed that the majority wanted to bend over Benz, as she climbed to the top of the heap with 36%. (For the record, I like wacky crazy not burn your shit and threaten your sanity crazy bitches. Murray is hot but Lila was an awful character. Just my two cents.)
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