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Battle of the Babes #168: Babes in a Blue Dress

08.04.2011by: Cherry Liquor

Last weekend, the box office battle between COWBOYS & ALIENS and those little blue munchkins THE SMURFS was pretty darn close. So I wonder... if the battle had been over a different blue subject matter, would the results still have been that close? Let's try it out this week, deal?

Deborah Ann Woll

I've been digging on little Jessica from "True Blood" since she was introduced and while I'm not one of those people who possesses cable channels beyond the basics, I have a feeling that Ms. Woll is only continuing to make her young vamp hottie even sexier as the series continues, if season three was any indicator. She's our light blue entry this week but I wouldn't call her beauty light.

Kate Winslet

Miss Kate has become quite the regular when it comes to sporting blue at award events where she has been gathering nominations and statues alike for years now. There's nothing middle of the road about her talent, even if she's my medium blue hue this week.

Sofia Vergara

When you are looking for the right hottie for the deep, dark, intense shade of blue, who better to pick than a woman whose sultriness is as intense as it gets? Vergara is incapable of doing anything muted and when she wears her blue, she certainly doesn't mess around.

Which babe in a blue dress turns you all the right shades?

Extra Tidbit: It was a battle of the Os last week. Sienna Miller didn't get completely shut out but she brought up the rear with 14% of the votes, with Olga on top of her with 39% of the votes and Olivia reigning it all with 48% of the votes.
Source: IMDB


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