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Battle of the Babes #163: Battle of the Evas

06.30.2011by: Cherry Liquor

Before we head into a long holiday weekend (at least, for us American-type Schmoes), how about we debate the merits of some very hot babes with a short little name in common? It's at least a respite from our agonizing concern over what TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON will reap at the box office.

Eva Amurri

Once quirky cute, Amurri is now the bonerfied sexpot spin-off from her famous motherlover, Susan Sarandon. The neat part is that I gather she's not all that bothered by the constant comparison. Heck, I wouldn't be either.

Eva Green

You can be a whole lot of weird if you've got breasts as naturally large and lovely as Green's. I can't say that I was a huge fan of THE DREAMERS for any other purpose than watching this French kook parade around lazily with her tits hanging out.

Eva Mendes

Mendes, how she's grown on me. Constantly proving herself to be funny, tough and all-around awesome levels of badass, she might not be shopping in the same bra size section as the other Evas but she's got enough substance to her in all her various measurements, I'm sure that's easy enough to overlook.

Which Eva do you love foreva and eva?

Source: IMDB


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