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Battle of the Babes #162: TV Teens Battle

06.23.2011by: Cherry Liquor

We're going back to school this week when BAD TEACHER educates us on how Cameron Diaz can still work shorts at a car wash. Hot for teacher, indeed. Combining multiple thoughts as well as a great suggestion from aaa516, how about we look at the TV teen temptresses who are rocking the small screen these days?

Kelsey Chow

I trust my buddy Felix's loins. As trusted as they are to me, I still don't think they'll convince me to watch the Disney/Nickelodeon shows these girls are on. Not that Kelsey Chow's adorable face doesn't make a compelling argument. She's a featured player on a show called "Pair of Kings" and previously got her start on "One Tree Hill," a show I was once forced to watch an episode of. *shudder*

Sarah Hyland

I know I should be watching "Modern Family." Between the greatness of Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen (not to mention all the dudes on that show), there's got to come a time when I make catching up on it a priority. For the time being, I understand that young Sarah Hyland is the pseudo teen from that show to fixate on. Not bad company she surrounds herself with as well.

Shay Mitchell

If there's a show on TV right now that I've come dangerously close to being convinced to watch (other than Zack Morris and his bare ass on "Franklin & Bash"), it's Family Channel's "Pretty Little Liars." Not only does it sound like the type of campy trash that I miss from the original WB programming line-up, it features uber-babes like Shay Mitchell, who is spankin' hot.

Which TV teen makes you want to go back to school?

Extra Tidbit: Everyone loves Emma. And that love is pretty evenly spread out. Loved seeing a large turnout of people weighing in on the Emma Battle, with their voices placing Watson first (42%), Stone second (34%) and Roberts third (24%).
Source: IMDB


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