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Battle of the Babes #158: Hot Hospital Staff

05.26.2011by: Cherry Liquor

Let's see... this week we could focus on animated babes or tree babes or hungover babes. That's if I focus on the movies getting theatrical releases this week. But that's all kinda boring to me right now. So let's mosey over to the DVD releases to get inspired. CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, that twisted online series is getting a nice packaged set unveiling. Women who work caring for people have that buttoned-down hotness one step better than librarians do. I can work with that. Can you work with me, children? Can you??

Kate Beckinsale

Most of you aren't going to bother with the rest of the babes in this week's battle and I can live with that if it's over Kate. You might remember her from her role as the hot nurse in PEARL HARBOR. I don't, since I've never watched the film, but I've seen stills of Becks in her retro nurse's garb and it's enough of a taste of that flick to do me just right.

Naomi Watts

Now, I have seen EASTERN PROMISES and if there's going to be some caring midwife to deliver my baby before I croak, I'd like for it to be Watts. Sure, she gets tangled up in all of the drama surrounding the circumstances, taking her away from her hospital duties, but she's got that gritty beauty that flows into a dramatic story so well, you forget that she never really gets back to her original job.

Rose Byrne

When you're a DEAD GIRL, you shouldn't care a whole helluva lot about what treatment you get from hospital staff after the fact. Still, having Rose Byrne be your caring mortician seems like a nice touch in the epilogue to life. And yes, I might just be harboring some carryover crush magic from her more recent fantastic comedic roles. Sue me.

Which hospital hottie causes you the most pleasurable pain?

Extra Tidbit: You showed PIRATES 4 your love at the box office with your dollars and you showed the PIRATES babes your love in last week's Battle with your erect dogs. Most of the love sailed to Keira's shore, 58% of the total, to be exact. Zoe was second mate with 25% and Penelope came late into the game with the remaining 17%.
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