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Battle of the Babes #154: Battle of the Prom Queens

04.28.2011by: Cherry Liquor

While I might have attended three different proms in my heyday, I still don't entirely understand the appeal of them. I certainly don't understand the rituals that are attached, garnering many, many movies built completely around the thing, including this week's aptly named release, PROM. I'm talking about the reality and not the fun or crazy set-ups that happen in many prom-themed movies. The dresses and shoes and matching purses have nothing on murderers, bets with buddies and, um, murderers. But it's a good enough subject to build this week's Battle over.

Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow is built like a perma-prom queen. She's the blonde, blue-eyed epitome of everything All-American, including the over-priced spectacle that is prom. I remember if her character was even up for the crown in the horrible PROM NIGHT remake, I just know that she's one of my favorite babes to see decked out in sparkles.

Rachael Leigh Cook

We're bringing Rachael Leigh Cook back this week. Hell, I'd love it if she could come back every week. A diminutive brunette who was far too pretty to be considered a charity case in SHE'S ALL THAT, Cook made great fodder for the parody knock-off, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE. Because let's face it, even in paint-covered overalls, she looks just as good as she does in a party dress.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan is still sultry and sexy, even if she no longer can pull off playing a murderous high school student. Well, the murderous part she could still do. But in JAWBREAKER, Rose was 26-years old and fighting more than her age to capture the queen's crown. She had to bang Marilyn Manson too. Which is punishment enough to earn her share of sympathy votes, even if she was a killer cunt.

Which prom queen gets your vote?

Extra Tidbit: I don't think I really need to point out what a pity it is that there isn't a diverse group of recognizable black women working in Hollywood right now. But with more exposure, here's to hoping households will clear space for more names. Including last week's hotties, who fought it out to a tie, with Paula Patton & Lauren London nailing down 40% of the votes each. Zoe Kravitz has some time to improve on her 20%.
Source: IMDB


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