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Battle of the Babes #152: Ward Babes Battle

04.14.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I hit up Monsterpalooza last weekend, this cool convention in Burbank where people who dig monster movies come together to ogle lovingly crafted horror-inspired art and fashion, as well as hit up a few panels, including one with the cast of THE HOWLING, now celebrating its 30th anniversary. I discovered that Joe Dante is every bit the witty, articulate and down-ass man you would expect him to be and that Dee Wallace is the scream queen who looks as if she never aged (and clearly hasn't injected her face to shit with Botox). Clearly, scream queens and the people who love them are onto something. How about we hit up the hot cast of THE WARD?

Amber Heard

From the information that my buddy Jimmy O has made me privy to, Amber Heard is a cool babe above and beyond all of her hotness. As the lead crazy bitch in THE WARD, she's not shying away from getting good and dirty like she has so often before in movies of this caliber. It's pretty much impossible to not love Ms Heard.

Danielle Panabaker

I've had a thing for the elder Panabaker sister since she was commanding vines in SKY HIGH, falling in love with her more with MR BROOKS and forgiving her for the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake by enjoying her underused self in THE CRAZIES. I'm curious to see what she's going to do with her role as Sarah in THE WARD.

Lyndsy Fonseca

She's a bit too skinny for my tastes and she makes me pause to remember to spell her name right but Lyndsy Fonseca is super easy on the eyes. She's in THE WARD as a patient named Iris and while I've read from some Schmoes' comments that she might not be the nicest person in the flesh, it's still hard to deny that she's a babe.

Who is your favorite crazy-hot Ward babe?

Extra Tidbit: The show "Lost" was named appropriately, as it seems that the die-hard fans have all lost their damn minds. I believe that only the TWILIGHT trolls have trumped the thumbing-down trend of those who dare to defy their beloveds in my past posts. Evangeline Lilly, aka "Freckles" was the winner of the surfer chick battle last week, with 47% of the vote but she was closely followed by Grace Park who gathered up 39%. Cameron Diaz still has enough of a following, riding in 10% and the remaining 4% were those unimpressed by all of the babes.
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