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Battle of the Babes #146: Home-Girl Battle

03.03.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I'm excited that the awards season is finally winding to an end. As much as talent for the dramatic roles needs the acknowledgment, most of the time I prefer to see stupid comedies with little educational value. Give me a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner over steak most any night of the week. I'm easily pleased that way. Spring brings me the biggest crop of frothy films and brought me the idea for this week's battle.

Anna Faris

It's TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT that started me thinking I should feature funny chicks but I've done that before with Faris. Rightfully so, seeing as how she's one of the biggest female comedy draws with her successfully headlining flicks like HOUSE BUNNY. I might be more attracted to her because they've tarted her up to look like Tina Fey's sister in the poster for this flick, or perhaps because she's playing Topher Grace's twin sister and I have a bizzarro crush on the dude. I started thinking about how much I would love to have her crash at my home and 'home' is in the title and well, that's my brain.

Jessica Biel

The queen of the 'home' girls this week, Jessica Biel first crashed into most young males' dreams when she starred alongside JTT in I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS in her "7th Heaven" era. Then she grew up and became more dramatic for HOME OF THE BRAVE, donning military wear in the sexy way that only Biel can. She's most likely going to smash the competition this week but I can't exclude her just because she's so hot it's scary.

Mischa Barton

HOMECOMING might not be for you what it is for me, but with Mischa Barton vamping it up as the town tramp-a-loony, it's a good in that really bad way in my opinion. It's easy to mock Barton most of the time because she seems incapable of making herself less of a target but the girl can be entertaining. It's not going to win her any awards but she's a great diversion from the sludge of reality that weighs our day-to-day lives down.

Who's your favorite 'Home' Girl?

Extra Tidbit: Babes with multifaceted tongue tendencies are a popular lot. I ponder if Mila Kunis would have grabbed the 66% of last week's vote if the battle had taken place 5 years ago, but I'm not going to begrudge the girl the due she's earned in recent years. Odette Yustman was a distant second with 24% of the vote and amazingly Zoe Saldana placed third with only 10% of the vote.
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