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Battle of the Babes #143: Just Go With It Babes

02.10.2011by: Cherry Liquor

I love Squeezed Vitamin Water. That has absolutely nothing to do with this week's battle other than the fact that I was thirsty right before I sat down to write it and I grabbed a nice cold bottle of the good stuff with which to quench my thirst. JUST GO WITH IT aims to be the movie to warm up the lingering winter blues for those of you buried in the white stuff, quenching your desires with a parade of hot women. You'll just have to overlook the fact that these women all want to be with Adam Sandler. Sort of like how I overlook the price gouging I go through to drink my flavored water.

Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker no doubt has an insane body. She's got tits and hips, more than most models out there right now. I'll even hand it to her that she doesn't look like a completely shitty actress from the limited lines I've heard her utter in the trailers. I just find her face... odd. Not ugly by any means, just distracting whenever I look up something with her in it that isn't Photoshopped for a bikini spread, although those aren't designed for heavy attention to anything above the neck.

Jennifer Aniston

I miss the old Jennifer Aniston. Yes, I harp on this fact frequently. I liked the bigger nose and the fuller body. That body which graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with her ugly Rachel haircut and glorious butt cheeks. The early Aniston who wasn't the heroine of all the uptight & desperate unhitched chicks in their late thirties. I even miss the shitty movies she made earlier in her career in comparison to what crap she's churning out lately. I think I'd like to time warp back to her earlier years even more than John Mayer claims she'd like to.

Minka Kelly

There are a score of disposable babes used throughout this movie who could have been used in the third slot here. Hell, Nicole Kidman makes an appearance and is a bigger marque name than Minka Kelly, but dammit, Minka is the just too damn hot to bypass under any circumstances. Much like how I prefer Nick Swarsdon to Adam Sandler, if Kelly does nothing more than play the second (or third) banana for the rest of her career, I'll be rooting for her as well.

Which is your favorite JUST GO WITH IT piece?

Extra Tidbit: While I understand that Sarah Shahi has been around awhile, she's the hottest new face to the USA network and seems to be the babe of choice for most of you, winning last week's battle with 53% of the vote. Jennifer Lawrence might have a hell of a time beating Natalie Portman at the Oscars but she's a big favorite here, getting a large 40% share of your attention. Christina Perri didn't get completely shut out, catching the remaining 7%.
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