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Battle of the Babes #140: Vegan Babes

01.20.2011by: Cherry Liquor

This was the short day job work week for me, thanks to that man with the dream. Whenever I think of the idealistic views of Martin Luther King Jr, I start thinking about those peace-loving people out there in the world. Those who are all about idealism. Those damn dirty hippies. Then my brain begins to wander and I think of how damn dirty hippies eschew meat and animal products. Then I remember how many hot vegans there are out there. And then I end up with this week's battle. Voila! My not so idealistic brain!

Emily Deschanel

I prefer this Deschanel sister because I have a weakness for "Bones." I also like how Emily is regularly interviewed about her feelings on how to improve the environment and so forth but never comes off as forcing her vegan views on the masses. Once quoted as saying that people should go vegan as a way to join the green movement, she expanded her thought by saying, "Or at least eat less dairy and meat." To me, that's a nice compromise. You can eat it if you chose, just less of it. That I can handle.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin has big love for animals, going so far as to campaign against the advertisements for the California "Happy Cow" advertisements that are so popular. While I spent some time as a vegetarian as an angst-ridden teenager, the one thing that you're going to have to pry out of my cold dead hands is my cheese. I get the organic kind, from the cows who aren't fed hormones and whatnot. I pay more so I shouldn't feel the blame, right? But Ginnifer's a cutie, so overlook my diverting thoughts.

Lea Michele

I don't know as much about Lea Michele other than her recent animal rights soapbox has been to protest the use of horses for the carriage rides in New York. That and I've seen her make some interesting faces while singing. The actress wasn't always a vegan, coming into the lifestyle later on and taking off a great deal of her former chub in the process, so some might argue that animals both are and aren't her friends.

Which hot vegan does it most for you?

Extra Tidbit: If you told me that there would be a battle where Sofia Vergara's boobs would be the last of 3 possible choices, I never would have believed you. But such was the case last week with the Battle of the Golden Globed babes. Sofia grabbed up 23% of the vote to trail behind the classic set of Jennifer Love Hewitt globes (30%) and be thoroughly trounced by the boobs that all of us have been able to ogle openly. Anne Hathaway's tits are the love & drugs we prefer, winning the battle with 47% of the votes.
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