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Battle of the Babes #139: 2011 Golden Globe Babes

01.13.2011by: Cherry Liquor

Not that those who will complain take the time to read these wordy intros of mine but I'd like to start out by saying that as much of a Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman fan I am, there comes a time when Battles must diversify. Sorry, folks. It means that they can't keep duking it out every single week. So I picked those who have the best globes (oooh, I think that's an entendre for BOOBS!) out of the 2011 Golden Globe nominees, capiche?

Anne Hathaway

As much as the thought of Hathaway and Gyllenhaal getting it on (well, without the gay cowboy angle getting in the middle of things) sounded great on paper, LOVE & OTHER DRUGS couldn't pull off much of a box office success. But that doesn't mean that Hathaway wasn't good in the movie. Or does it? Considering that I haven't seen the movie, I can't make a judgment on her acting in it, but I've seen those boobs and they're worthy of a couple awards all by themselves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

While Hathaway knows what she's got and flaunts it, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been coasting on her great rack for years and being stingy with it. Unless you're a below marginal comedian, you know, because that entitles you to boob access apparently. Hewitt is up for a Globe in the "Best Actress in a TV Movie" category, which might have me laughing more if I wasn't constantly bitching about how a star should have to actually get naked if they're in a sex-trade industry type job. Crazy thought, right?

Sofia Vergara

I think that if it were any old man other than the former Al Bundy getting to hook up with the righteously MILF-tastic Vergara, we'd all be crying over the lack of what's fair in this world. But because the man who knows Jugs best is standing in our place, we're all a little cooler with it. Which might have something to do with Vergara's nomination for Best Actress in a Television Comedy Series. That, or the woman has as much acting ability as she has breast tissue.

Which is your favorite Golden Globed lady?

Extra Tidbit: Seems you are all lovers more than fighters since last week's Battle of the 2010 Rivals didn't get as much feedback as in previous weeks. (Or was everyone still just nursing an extended New Year's hangover?) It was Portman & Kunis for the win, taking in 52% of the total vote and making ballet far more interesting for everyone. Bell and Yustman were in the game for 34% and Stone & Bynes did an easy 14%.
Source: IMDB


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