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Battle of the Babes #136: Hot Sisters

12.23.2010by: Cherry Liquor

It's almost Xmas time and even if we're all getting older, the human desire to bite off more than we can chew is still alive and well in most of us adults. Which means that anything we could hope to get, of course we'd be even more stoked to get more than one of. I understand that it's the thought that counts and the concept of being grateful to get anything at all, but when it comes to babes, the blessed genetic pool is a divine one to wish for indeed.

Emily & Zooey Deschanel

This might just end up being a "duh" landslide weekend for these sisters, seeing as how most of you are in love with younger sister Zooey. Being a "Bones" fan myself, I'd choose Emily first, but getting a stocking stuffed with both couldn't be beat. Both are avid vegans with a love of animals and living an organic lifestyle, so those good looks are destined to hold up rather nicely over the years.

Danielle & Kay Panabaker

Older sister Danielle cut her teeth as the teen girl with the power to command plants in SKY HIGH, younger sister Kay is currently dealing with some super powers of her own on "No Ordinary Family." So these 23 & 20-year old sisters have their finger on the pulse of what it takes to be more special than the rest. Brunettes with striking brown eyes and a knack for brain power (both graduated from high school on a fast-track program not just because they were in the industry but because they're of above average intelligence), they're a winning team of looks AND brains.

Kate & Rooney Mara

Kate has been kicking around in acting since she was a teenager, scrambling for good roles. Younger sister Rooney is lucking out in the industry after only 5 years of limited experience (and many say a supreme lack of talent to deserve her face time). But no matter which direction their careers take them, the Mara sisters are striking in beauty, making for a delightful double dose of yum under the Xmas tree.

Which are your favorite sisters?

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