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Battle of the Babes #135: Jewish Babes

12.16.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Because I'm a silly Shikse, I miscalculated when Hanukkah was going on, missing the targeted 8th day by an entire week. Shande, I know. While the festival of lights might technically be over for 2010 already, I thought we could extend the love. So whether you choose to use your kop or your shmeckle, it's simple saichel that these three women are all Jewish babes. A big thanks goes to WalkAway who inspired & assisted on this week's battle.

Isla Fisher

So she's really a convert to the religion, but that doesn't make her any less Jew in the eyes of... Hmm, can't really use "lord" there, can I? Isla Fisher is fun and frisky, a great comedic actress with a lovely tuchis to boot. While it's widely accepted to be a pity that her fine self is committed to Borat, at least he's willing to share her with the rest of us.

Mia Kirshner

What is it about Jewish women that make them so dryly funny? Kirshner remains one of my favorite parts from NOT ANOTHER TEENAGE MOVIE because of her spot-on spoof of Sarah Michelle Gellar's character from CRUEL INTENTIONS. She's been schlepping through many popular television roles, probably the hot bed for most Jewish actresses, but I'm without judgment on those. I just know that she's far from being a meeskite.

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is another of the Jewish actresses who has had pretty good success with TV but it was the moment where she got Paul Rudd farblondzhet in I LOVE YOU, MAN that I really started paying attention. A long-standing misconception that Jewish women are difficult ladies to be in relationships with, Jones conveyed that she was actually the total opposite. Was it just a role? Sure. But something tells me it held a great deal of truth behind it.

Which Jewish babe makes you kvell the most?

Extra Tidbit: Brazilian blood seems to get everyone else's boiling. Last week's battle definitely had some fire behind it, pushing Moreno Baccarin to a narrow win, with 42% of the total vote but with Jordana Brewster close on her ass with 38% of the vote. Younger Brazilian babe Camilla Belle came in third with 20% of the vote.
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