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Battle of the Babes #133: Aronofsky's Babes

12.02.2010by: Cherry Liquor

There are a great many things that I'm thankful to the wonderful souls over at MFC for. One of the biggest of which is when a fellow Schmoe will give me a great idea for a Battle, thus rendering the brain power that I need to expend for the week to nearly nil. This week aaa516 brought it to my attention that director Darren Aronofsky has some excellent taste in leading ladies (not to mention getting to marry one of them, even if he couldn't hold onto her). Let's get artsy with that group now, shall we?

Evan Rachel Wood

I know I could have gone just as easily with Marisa Tomei when it came to picking from THE WRESTLER but she's too much of a slam dunk around here, so let's concentrate on ERW. Sure, she might come off as a brat in most of her interviews and general Marilyn Manson f*cking exterior, but she's got that china-doll complexion and a snotty sensuality to her that is hard to resist. Even if you want to smack her for getting all aggro when denying that she was romantically involved with the Rourke. Come on! It's the Rourke! You've clearly done worse, chick.

Jennifer Connelly

Since I'm feeling artsy (or really just went with one of my favorite Wood pictures which happened to be B&W and now I want to continue on with that theme), I say we use an old JenCon picture. It was hard for me to think of her as the hot tamale that she'd been back in the day when watching her grungy swirl into drug-addled madness in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, but she's Jennifer Connelly! Even when she's doing the cringe-worthy (or was it?) with dildos, she's still hotter than your above-average woman.

Rachel Weisz

I've never watched THE FOUNTAIN. Looked boring as hell to me, so bear with me that the most I know about it is that Rachel Weisz was in it. That she's currently getting divorced from Aronofsky, so they must have had a good working relationship at some point and that I consider her to be a goddess when it comes to anything she does on screen. Although, perhaps, that doesn't really include everything since I just admitted that I haven't seen THE FOUNTAIN. But you understand what I'm getting at, right?

Which of Aronofsky's babes is your eye candy of choice?


Extra Tidbit: It was a fairly split vote last week for the choice parts of a woman, with breasts and legs matched up with about 40% each of the vote. the other 20% went to the torso area, which I figured most of you would know was hips. I wanted to overlook ass only because legs just didn't get the play that they normally deserve. And for the record? All of those hot parts belong to my favorite Greek piece, Maria Menounos.
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