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Battle of the Babes #132: Thanksgiving Parts Battle

11.25.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Every Thanksgiving (the American one) since I started this column, I've been doing something slightly apart from the norm. I've compared STAR TREK guys and princesses, mainly because I'm never sure how many of you are going to be able to sneak away from your 'rents table and get your eye candy for the day. As I was trying to come up with something different for this year, I started thinking about eating turkey and the battle which ensues over certain parts between my family members. So let's do a battle of the parts, mmm'kay? Bonus points if you can figure out which hottie these parts belong to.


The breast. The white meat. The part we eat when we're trying to watch our fat and calories. Not that we count when we drizzle that meat heavily with gravy, right? While the breast meat might be the most predictable cut to go for once the bird's been dissected, it's a great staple for a reason. It's good for you.


The stuffing. What comes from the middle is what fills us up. Or what we indulge in from the fowl is what gives our bellies the sustenance they need to do battle with the family over the course of the rest of the day. It doesn't always have to be pretty, that which comes from the middle. But it sure doesn't hurt if it does.


Legs get far too little play. The dark meat, the utilitarian part of the creature which carry it from here to there, near to far. Legs do all the work and get far too little of the attention that is afforded to the whiter parts of beast. Those who choose the leg as their portion know what few others have caught onto. Darker the muscle, sweeter the meat? Yeah, something like that.

Which part is that which sustains you best?


Extra Tidbit: I was surprised by last week's battle results, frankly. After hearing much ado about Lyndsy Fonseca, I was fully prepared to see her sprint away as the winner and not be third place finisher with 21% of the vote. She wasbested by Kaley! Kaley! Kaley! who received 31% of the vote and dominated by Alison Brie who took in nearly half of the total, with 48% of the vote.
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