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Battle of the Babes #130: Brown Eyed Girls

11.11.2010by: Cherry Liquor

There are so many studies which aim to figure out why certain traits are considered preternaturally more attractive in the opposite sex, from height to the build of a body right on down to eye color. Most studies keep pulling the "blue eyes are better" card out of their hat, referencing everything from a simple glance at a picture to CAT scans revealing that the brain responds more to a light colored eyed woman when a man is shown her picture. Maybe it's because I have them myself that I don't look for them as often in women (but seeing as how the opposite sex is preferred for me, I should mention that I like blue eyes better on guys), finding a mysterious and compelling beauty in a brown-eyed girl. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Emmy Rossum

While I'm not always convinced that I'm on the "Emmy Rossum is hot" fanpage, I am drawn to her doe-eyed stare like a fat kid to the Halloween candy clearance aisle. Her eyes are her best facial feature, seductive when she turns on the charm in photos like this, sweet-natured in casual pictures, making you believe that Emmy could lie to your face and you'd believe it.

Leighton Meester

In a way that she cannot even begin to get compared to her co-star Blake Lively, Leighton Meester possessed some of the magical eyes that I've seen on young actresses in quite some time. Sunken in and yet unusually large for her face, I've seen Leighton convey comedy, drama and even terror all with the use of those expressive eyes. Surely never as simple for those of a fairer color.

Kate Mara

Mmmmm.... I don't know why it is that her sister Rooney is ending up with the sensation and the hype these days, as Kate Mara is a delicious goddess unto no one else. Her face is this geometrical wonder, with its wide mouth, high & prominent cheek bones and breathtaking eyes. This is the face that you want to spill your secrets to. The face that you trust but fear simultaneously, knowing that she could be either or both at any given time. Those eyes are steel traps, locking you in place and holding you there.

Who's your favorite brown eyed girl?


Extra Tidbit: It might be Wino Forever for me and 32% of you other Schmoes who voted for Winona Ryder in last week's Battle of the Unique Babes, but it was eternal hottie Marisa Tomei who proved she can still sway the court, grabbing 56% of the votes for the win. Maggie Gyllenhaal fans were not quiet, even if only 12% of them spoke up.
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