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Battle of the Babes #13

07.31.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Last week was a good mix, as many were fans of each of the ladies in the battle. This week I hope to get as many varied opinions as well. Seeing as how there's a new MUMMY on the loose this weekend (good luck at even barely keeping up with the Bat), I figured we'd look over Brendan Fraser's best female co-stars.

Maria Bello

Maria Bello, in my modest opinion, is in such a class of her own. Picked as the successor to the role originated by Rachel Weisz in the first two MUMMY installments, she dyed her hair dark for the role and looks far younger than her 40 years. Bello constantly amazes me in her roles on screen and then will drop onto a red carpet looking as if she took a cloud from heaven to get there. Even when placed in clunkers like COYOTE UGLY, she still manages to shine brilliantly.

Rachel Weisz

In 2005, after years of toiling away in the cinema, Rachel rightfully took home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in THE CONSTANT GARDENER. That might have been the kicker for determining that her worth was beyond making a late coming sequel to the set of MUMMY movies. Or maybe Brendan's hairpiece just scared the crap out of her. Hard to believe, considering some of the brave and outstandingly c*nty roles that she's pulled off with aplomb (she's amazing in THE SHAPE OF THINGS as quite possibly the most evil female character ever caught on film). A MILF in the most glamourous of ways, Rachel is every inch the professional and the hottie.

Elizabeth Hurley

Back in the day, Liz was know as not much more than the model who wore the safety-pin dress and gained fame by having her boyfriend cheat on her so publicly. People regarded her with almost the level of disdain that I regard Sienna Miller (to her credit, Grant wasn't married and Hurley didn't have multiple escapades with married men, so... yeah) and dismissed that she might have any talent in her. But remove the B level movies from her resume, add her muted and effective turn in PERMANENT MIDNIGHT and then factor in her rather cheeky sense of humour (BEDAZZLED, the AUSTIN POWERS movies) and you have a bona fide actress in her 40's who's held up terrifically and managed to not become a punchline to the world's joke.

So, who's your favorite Brendan Fraser co-star?

Extra Tidbit: By now, hopefully you caught onto the Robin Tunney connection from the Hot or Not earlier in the week.
Source: IMDB


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