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Battle of the Babes #122 - Back To School Babes

09.16.2010by: Cherry Liquor

While I'm still very interested in going to check out EASY A this weekend, I have to say that I'm starting to age myself out of the demographic that gives two shits about anyone in a high school movie, especially when the people playing the high schoolers are well out of the age that most people are supposed to have graduated college by. Couple that with the fact that most people who get into the entertainment field and end up successful aren't usually educated people themselves and you have me wondering why we put these people into collegiate storylines at all. So why don't we single out a few from the small group of hotties who got themselves a degree in higher learning, eh?

Ginnifer Goodwin

Goodwin didn't come into Hollywood's favor until she was cast as Diane on "Ed," a show that might have been favored by its loyal fans more than any bigwigs in television, so it's probably a good thing that Goodwin did her ground work at Boston University, getting her B.F.A. in acting alongside fellow smarty-pants actress, Emily Deschanel. She also got her credit at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, moving there after graduation to perform with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Now one of many wives on "Big Love" and filming SOMETHING BORROWED with fellow battle member Fischer's telly hubby, Goodwin has shown that some good footwork as your foundation helps your travels in the long run.

Jenna Fischer

While fans of "The Office" know that Jenna Fischer is a sharp little cookie as Pam, those of us (namely me) who haven't watched the show can see how her double major of theater arts & journalism at Truman State University got her through knowing not only the fine art of delivering a line, but writing one for herself as well. (Check out the indie flick LOLLILOVE to see her writing & directing skills.) While the 36-year old might not have caught onto acting success until a scant 5 years ago with her breakout television role, she most certainly has the chops to continue her reign in Hollywood with the smarts she gained from school.

Rachel McAdams

With a face that looks tailor-made for modeling shoots, it's hard to believe that this gorgeous gal started off at York University with the desire to major in cultural studies. That might have dawned on the blonde when McAdams made the decision to switch majors to theater, earning herself a B.F.A. in the field and graduating with honors. The 32-year old is now commanding respect from male and female fans alike and might have earned herself the spot as Woody Allen's newest muse, a position that most actresses would kill for.

Which Back-to-School babe plumps up your bookmark?


Extra Tidbit: Big surprise winner last week! NOT! It was a clone of a win for ScarJo in the Clone Battle, collecting 23 (62%) of the votes. I must admit that I didn't anticipate a different leader but as much as I like Hurley, I was a little taken aback that she did better than RESIDENT EVIL babe, Milla Jovovich, besting Alice with 9 (24%) votes to 5 (14%). Oh well. At least Milla won at the box office.
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