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Battle of the Babes #12

07.24.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, the votes came piling in for which one of the OG Batman love objects was the hottest. Michelle Pfeiffer took in a record 15 votes while Nicole Kidman vamping it up as Chase Meridian got a not-too-shabby 10. Throw in one sympathy vote for Basinger and you've got yourself a weenie roast. Plump when you watch 'em. This week, let's try on some different shades but keep up the line of thought that older women are still sexy. Which one of the following is your favorite hot ass cougar?

Laura Linney

I'd never really given all that much thought to Linney until I watched her in YOU CAN COUNT ON ME. Something about her adulterous MILFness was touching, even if the boss she was screwing was Matthew Broderick. Laura's amped up her hotness over the years since then, coming to a gorgeous fruition in such films as THE NANNY DIARIES and THE SAVAGES. I get the feeling that this is one cougar who would scratch the f*ck out of you in bed.

Julianne Moore

There is no finer red head in Hollywood than Ms Moore. True, there are younger ones who have their own hotness secured, but Moore just radiates this deep confidence that runs parallel to a relateable vulnerability. When appearing nude from the bottom down in SHORT CUTS, I couldn't help but wonder if she tasted like cinnamon. Yeah, I know they call red heads "gingers" but something tells me that she's a hell of a lot more flavorful than that.

Mary Louise Parker

What I love about Mary Louise Parker is that she's top-tier quality wrapped in a package that resembles your next door neighbor. Looking at her, you get to see all the angles of her beauty, constantly getting surprised. But she's not so gorgeous that she'd be frightening to approach. Parker looks like the kind of woman that you could tell a dirty joke to and get a laugh instead of a look of disgust. As her Showtime series "Weeds" continues to gain in popularity, hopefully we'll get a chance to see her in some more suggestive roles, and not just relegated to playing the dutiful girlfriend or wife. Although she's not bad at that either.

Alrighty, you know the drill.... Who's your favorite cougar?

Extra Tidbit: Oh, and by the way... Blame this site for distracting me this afternoon and getting stories out late.
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