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Battle of the Babes #117: Scott Pilgrim's Babes

08.12.2010by: Cherry Liquor

With the upcoming release of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD this weekend prompting much debate over whether it will triumph at the box office or fizzle in the wake of films with "bigger" names like THE EXPENDABLES or EAT, PRAY, LOVE, I say that the film is actually full of stars. The best kind. The ones that are on the brink of becoming the next set of Hollywood's big names. While the baby boomers have the numbers and are keeping many of the elderly stars who normally would have faded from the spotlight in it, the newer generation has the power of not caring how much of their disposable income they spend. (Especially if their boomer parents never kick them out.) So bring on the movie chock full of new babes!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead


This might be one of my dumber ideas, putting one of the most popular fanboy babes in a battle with anyone but I think that MEW has enough power to shine and yet not a complete stranglehold on the babe power of the PILGRIM gals. She obviously looks better with her natural coloured locks than she does in the various coloured wigs she wears in the film and her acting is still borderline implausible in most cases as far as I'm concerned, but a chance to have MEW in a battle is an opportunity that I'm not going to pass up.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is the belle of the PILGRIM ball when you factor in that she snagged director Edgar Wright as her boyfriend after the filming was over (or was it before? Lucky bitch). She also has the acting chops to deliver in pretty much every instance that I've seen her, including the indignity of being a side character in the TWILIGHT flicks. She's perky, she's talented and she's got a great rack. Mark a second notch on the board for the hottie factor of this hipster film, I say.

Brie Larson

Again, I love myself a ringer when it comes to battles and as much as it's fun to have a chance to showcase babes like MEW, I love it even more getting to throw a ringer in the mix just because I can. Brie Larson grabbed my attention with her role as the bratty teen daughter who is one of the most realistic portrayals of a young person (swears! drinks! has SEX!) in a long time, holding her own against the aping of Toni Collette in "The United States of Tara." Plus, as much as I love brunettes, it's nice to get a fair-haired hottie in the mix.

Which is your favorite SCOTT PILGRIM babe?


Extra Tidbit: Hmmm... Sometimes when I think I've got a scorcher, I'll end up mildly surprised by the final tally. As for last week's battle of the hot dancers, it looks like most of you are eschewing the lean curves of Zoe Saldana (who came in third with 10 votes or 19% of the total) for the exotic charm of Mila Kunis who took the win with a good margin, reaping 31 of the votes, or an impressive 57%. But even more satisfying for me was knowing that I'm not alone in my Briana Evigan love as the ringer hottie brought in 12 votes for 24% of the vote. Interesting indeed.
Source: IMDB


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