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Battle of the Babes #116: Hot Dancers Battle

08.05.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I'm a dork in most regards other than my utter refusal to see anything else in 3D, no matter how fancy they claim to have made the effects. Still, there's a part of me which is tempted to go check out the latest STEP UP movie, even if it's for all the wrong reasons when in comes to 3D. I happen to think that the illusion of a hot babe sliding into my lap after a particularly sweaty dance move sounds pretty alright to me. So let's look at some hot dancer chicks this week, OK?

Zoe Saldana

Yum, yum, suck your thumb. Or whichever finger it looks like is in Zoe Saldana's mouth. The sultry actress started off as a dancer and in fact broke into the movie scene with a role in CENTER STAGE, that drama about ballet dancers. She also showed her dancing chops in DRUMLINE, making her one of the most lithe and graceful ladies on the big screen right now, even if she does look like she needs to eat a sandwich or three.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis will be going head to head with another mistress of the Babe Battles, Miss Natalie Portman, when the two duke it out in the ballet drama BLACK SWAN later this year. Not sure just how much training Mila has in the dance department, but since I have a hankering to post images of babes with bare tummies this week, I think she fits into this catagory more than nicely.

Briana Evigan

The babe from the last STEP UP flick, Briana Evigan, might not be a huge name in the movie business right now, but she's got the famous name that her father gave her to help her get some footing in the film industry. And after watching her dance in that movie and seeing how sweet & tart she is, I thoroughly don't give two shits about entertainment nepotism. Sure, she's my ringer this week who I'm throwing in because I can, but that doesn't make her any less fine.

Who is your favorite dancing babe?


Extra Tidbit: Last week I know I coulda done better. I probably shoulda done better. But hell... it's not like the models who turn into actresses really had to try all that hard to get cast in movies. Pretty people have all the luck. Including Rebecca Romijn, who won the battle with 14 (52%) of the vote. Estella Warren was second with 9 (33%) of the votes and Bridget Moynahan was third with 4 (15%) of the votes.
Source: IMDB


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