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Battle of the Babes #114: 2011's Comic Book Babes

07.22.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I'm ready to call this summer season of "big bang" flicks a bust. As much as I was looking forward to IRON MAN 2 (and ended up being surprised that ScarJo didn't suck as Black Widow), it seems like the comic book heros of 2010 are a big fat epic fail. I think we can all agree to blame the WGA strike from the years prior and look forward with much hope and more than just a gleam in our eye to the babes (& dudes) of 2011, right?


It's no secret that I have one of the biggest girl crushes of all time on this leggy blonde California girl. Hell, I liked her even before she blew up big with the "Gossip Girl" shit, as I am not ashamed to admit that I'm a silly girl who really liked both of the TRAVELING PANTS movies. So seeing Blake step into some brunette hair dye and the role of Carol Ferris in next year's GREEN LANTERN is going to be a major highlight of my summer movie attendance. Hot babe? Check. Hotter dude in a CGI suit? Well, I'd prefer to do more checking of the real goods, but with Reynolds, it's all good.


I think that I would have preferred to stick Kat Dennings in this spot only because it tends to get all personal when dealing with Natalie Portman for you guys. But to be honest, I like a challenge and Portman does have the bigger role in Twenty-Eleven's THOR. Playing Jane Foster, the nurse that Donald Blake, alter-ego of the Norse god, goes to when in need of physical TLC, the character isn't as strong in the comic books as the movie is most likely going to make her out to be. Because knowing Portman has been cast means that they're planning something big for her.


This is a fun one for me because after watching Alice Eve become the blonde New-Age version of Ann-Margret in SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE, I'd love to see her actually get a chance to be more of a babe than just prance around as one but act rather chaste in the midst of that hotness. Seeing as how she's playing Emma Frost in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS next year might not bode well for those of you who are sick of the powers that be f*cking around with the mutants, but Emma Frost is a lip-smackin' shameless babe who didn't give a shit about stealing Cyclops away from Jean Grey. At least... if they decide to go comic book accurate with that storyline, which would be juuuuuicy.

Who's your favorite of the 2011 summer season of comic book babes?



Extra Tidbit: While there weren't as many people playing into my personal view of what a future Bond movie should feature in terms of babe eye candy, it was close for those 34 votes that came in. Ultimately, ginger hottie Christina Hendricks came up the winner with 15 (44%) of the votes. But "The Big Band Theory" hottie, Kaley Cuoco, was a close second, picking up 11 of the votes for 30% of the take. And amazingly, Sofia Vergara, chula para la semana pasada (I'm bad at writing Spanish, sue me), was third with 9 votes or 24%.
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