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Battle of the Babes #108

06.10.2010by: Cherry Liquor

When I was growing up, summers were all about waiting for the action popcorn flicks to come out. Buff men and their sassy, sexy women next to them, looking good rather than doing any (or mostly any, save for a random punch thrown for a comical effect) of the stunts. Sure, times have changed in the last few years, but while the action that the women are participating in is higher, the looks department sure hasn't taken a hit. Here are three of the best from the 2010 summer season for you to ponder over.

Scarlett Johansson

Most of you have probably already seen IRON MAN 2, and I for one wasn't thinking that ScarJo was going to be all that impressive as Black Widow, but I will admit that for once, she surprised me. I'm not going to leap off a building to declare her a brilliant actress now, but I honestly expected her to pretty much suck in the role and I thought she did a rather decent job, both as looking the vixen and kicking some tail.

Jessica Biel

If there are hotter pictures of Jessica Biel in action in THE A-TEAM, I wasn't able to find them. I'm a tad surprised that they kept the movie so much on the down-low, especially considering that it's opening only against the shitty lil' Will Smith movie. I've seen candids from the set, so I have high hopes and I honestly prefer Biel when she's doing an action role rather than any of her other dramatic or (f*cking dog-forbid) comedic ones. So I'm crossing my fingers before heading out to the theater to see this one.

Megan Fox

Man, I wanna hate on JONAH HEX so badly, it makes my teeth rattle. I'm not the world's biggest fan of Megan Fox, I think that any chick could have been dropped into her role in this, but dammit, I appreciate me some good, seasoned and well-aged Josh Brolin. I'm conflicted. The trailers look cheesy but Brolin has been consistently knocking them out of the park for the last 5 years or so, and considering that I ended up thinking that ScarJo wasn't awful, perhaps Megan can change my mind about her? I'm not promising anything though.

So... here's to popcorn, air-conditioned theaters and big box office bucks and the babes that go along with them. Which Summer 2010 Action Babe is for you?


Extra Tidbit: OK, so I'll admit that I had a hard time coming up with a knock-your-socks off battle last week, but hey... everyone enjoys some "down" time with a girl now and again, right? That said, Ali Larter took home the top Colin Farrell babe prize, getting 13 of the 21 votes (62%) with Alicja coming in second with 5 (24%) votes and Lake Bell with 3 (14%) votes.


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