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Battle of the Babes #107

06.03.2010by: Cherry Liquor

For as much of a playboy as he's known to be, Colin Farrell hasn't taken too many roles where he majorly seduces women. He's been a soldier, a killer for hire, a killer by accident, filled with remorse, a killer with no morals whatsoever, a police officer, a philandering husband that we never really get to see philander and a guy whose home porno features him purring in his Irish accent that licking the kitty is "breakfast, lunch and dinner." (Yeah, I looked it up. What of it?!?) But with a new movie hitting theaters, I thought we'd look over a few of his more select babes and you can tell me which you think is the hottest of the bunch.

Alicja Bachleda

Real life baby mama and co-star in his current movie, ONDINE, I can't say that I know very much about Alicja, other than her name is hard for me to remember how to spell, she probably wouldn't be all that well known if she hadn't gotten knocked up with Farrell's spawn and she's actually a very pretty girl. Sure, she's the lead title character in Neil Jordan's movie (and that man usually doesn't make mistakes in casting), and she's a 27 year old "girl" but she's still mainly known for her work as a Polish actress and even I can't claim to have watched her in anything.

Lake Bell

Oh, Lake Bell confuses me. I didn't get a chance to catch her co-starring with Farrell in PRIDE & GLORY (which I really should step up on, since I'm normally on tap for everything Ed Norton related) but I did recently watch her as the new wife to Alec Baldwin in IT'S COMPLICATED and while she does have a body to sincerely die for, her face comes off far more "mannish" than most people complain Jessica Biel is sporting. But that happens to be an opinion that I don't share with a lot of people, being told that she's a goddess on main occasions. So I'm still confused.

Ali Larter

Is it wrong that I liked AMERICAN OUTLAWS for its simple entertainment value and Farrell struggling through not letting his natural accent slip? I think I watched him in this before TIGERLAND and it might have mostly had to do with my love of all things Scott Caan and the lovely Ali Larter. It's easy enough for me to pick her out of this line-up, but I wanted to have a more varied set of characters this week, even if I am pleased by the simplest of things.

Who's your favorite Farrell Babe?


Extra Tidbit: Last week was a run-away for Famke Janssen (and Moreno, if he caught me claiming that I'd cover his bar tab if SEX & THE CITY 2 didn't top the box office) with 29 of the 40 votes, or 72.5%. The rest of the women fell far below my expectations as well, with Maria gaining 5 (12.5%) votes, Michelle garnering 4 (10%) votes and Julianne getting 2 (5%) votes. So in essence, the Charlotte of the crew is still the hottest babe. Heh.
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