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Battle of the Babes #105

05.20.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Add me to the pile of people who are hoping that SHREK FOREVER AFTER is going to be the last time we have to hear Cameron Diaz whine her way through another speaking engagement as Princess Fiona. Hell, I'm down for princesses, I'm down for them all over the place. I'm just not all that attracted to Diaz in flesh or olive green tones. So let's look at some of the more recent hot princess ladies we would like to shag the knickers off of.

Anne Hathaway

Little Miss Anne Hathaway has made it a point to do everything to distance herself from her princess beginnings, but she might want to rethink her damning of the pristine image that she started off with, considering that if she had nothing to sully, her reputation might as a hottie might not be as high as it has become. First it was THE PRINCESS DIARIES movies and then she did a stint (singing, and quite nicely no less) in ELLA ENCHANTED, a movie that has more fun ripping into Wesley, er.. I mean Cary Elwes and his former status as a princess savior. Quite an underrated little princess flick, that one was.

Natalie Portman

While she might not have sported the traditional knickers and she might have ended up giving her kids names that sounded like something out of a 1980's television soap opera, Princess Amidala not only hits up a very young Anakin to later go on and sex the future baddie up, she does her own stunts and becomes a Senator to boot. Take that in your Alaskan tush, Palin.

Emily Blunt

If there's one chick that I love watching on screen, it's got to be Emily Blunt. While she shined as a queen in THE YOUNG VICTORIA, it will be her turn to downsize and play the Princess of Lilliputia in this year's upcoming GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. I am a sucker for her accent, her little butt chin and pretty much everything else about her (save the ears... in fact, Hathaway & Portman have some prominent ears as well... is this a sign?).

All of the chicks from this week are uber-babes to me, but which is the hottest of them all to you?


Extra Tidbit: As for last week's Battle of Crowe's Brunette Babes, it was a squeaker, with JenCon taking top honors (just barely) with a 15 (37%) vote count to Salma's 14 (35%). But Marion didn't do too shabby, grabbing 11 (28%) of the votes. Looks like for once, we really did have that close of a call.
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