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Battle of the Babes #102

04.29.2010by: Cherry Liquor

OK, so I think I have a good category this time around. Pay close attention to where I'm heading with this. In honor of the release of the remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and how Freddy would come get you in your dreams, I thought we could consider some of the more memorable (and sexier instead of scarier) dream sequences from films which happened to feature hot babes. Get it? Think the character... the movie... the sequence... Awe, hell. Is anyone really reading this?

Phoebe Cates

Dream sequence Numero Uno and probably the best and most popular visual scene that loops in the heads of 98% of Generation Xer's heads is Brad thinking about a nubile Phoebe Cates getting out of the family swimming pool and flashing her perfect, non-surgically enhanced 1980's tits at him while he jerks it in the bathroom in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH. I think we all needed more than just a Q-Tip after that special moment.

Mena Suvari

She was young, she was his daughter's best friend and the girl had the magic to make rose petals fly out of her nipples. (And what great nipples they were, huh?) Mena Suvari was the young thing on Spacey's mind when he drifted off to La-La-Land and thought about her being his AMERICAN BEAUTY. Pity he ruins the fantasy with the awkward moment of reality later in the film, but I still think of the flowering young girl floating in cerebral space.

Naomi Watts

The one movie where a Betty is really a Betty and you can make your pants all wetty by watching her dream about planting some Pink Taco kisses on Laura Harring in MULHOLLAND DR. Naomi Watts was an eager young thing in Lynch's much maligned 2001 movie, seeming to not quite get that she was in fact in the middle of a David Lynch film. Which made it even more weird and hot at the same time.

Who is your favorite Dream Sequence Babe??


Extra Tidbit: I'm going to start getting my feelings hurt if more people don't pay attention to the categories. Nah, I'm joking. I don't have feelings! Steven Spielberg bought them all in a huge buyout back in 2004. So his redheads get to emote more in his movies, which might mean that Miranda Richardson is crying in her cornflakes over only getting 1 (2%) vote from last week's poll. Julianne Moore is aging, but she's not withering away, getting 12 (25%) of the votes. It's the constantly perky and perfect Amy Adams who rules the ginger Spielberg roost with the killer 35 (73%) vote intake, ensuring that even after she's done with her maternity leave, you Schmoes are still going to have a stiff dog waiting for her.
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