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Battle of the Babes #1

05.04.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Sundays are boring, so I've been trying to think of a way to liven them up. You'd think that there'd be a slew of interesting gossip to pass along - some drunken starlet out on the town caught by the paps on a Saturday night. But let's face it, the only "starlets" who do that kind of shit are the ones that no one really cares to gaze at anyhow. Instead of featuring a tidbit on some B-level chick, why not make some of the A-grade hotties compete against one another?

I'm tentatively referring to this as "Battle of the Babes," because it seems the most fitting of titles. Every Sunday I'll give three options and have you - the loyal and loving Joblo readers - fight it out over who's the hottest one and why. For my first trial run at this, I'm starting off with an easy to select trio: The Comic Book Movie Adaptation Summer Blockbuster Hotties. (I'm a girl who loves a mouthful, what can I say?) Your contenders are:


Gwyneth is currently starring in IRON MAN, alongside Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark's faithful assistant Pepper Potts. With proper business attire, a strawberry blonde 'do and stern facial expressions that include pinching her lips together so tightly they almost turn white, Pepper Potts wasn't supposed to come off in any way, shape or form a hottie (if following the comic book was a priority). But Gwyneth herself has an uppercrust society look to her, the daughter of Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow, raised amongst Hollywood royalty. Married to Chris Martin of Coldplay and mother to their two questionably named children, Apple and Moses, Gwyn is probably best known through the tabloids than her movie work as of late. If IRON MAN is as successful at the theater as everyone is predicting, that might help to raise her iconic silver screen stock again.


Liv Tyler is next to step up the the comic book heroine plate, playing Betty Ross in THE INCREDIBLE HULK, alongside Edward Norton. Ross is your typical Mary Jane comic book character, sensible and practical, acting as the rock for her man, but has a soft beauty which makes it easy for the tortured hero to fall on her every word. In real life, Liv is best known as the daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, but has musical connection still as the wife of Royston Langdon of Spacehog. The couple have a young son, Milo, who appears to have missed the Tyler mouth gene that gave Liv her trademark kissable pout. For those who might doubt Liv's hotness level, I can only say that the video for "Crazy" and the last 20 minutes of STEALING BEAUTY might change your mind on that matter.


Oh, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. The darling child of strong female characters in riveting independent movies is branching out as Rachel Dawes in the highly anticipated THE DARK KNIGHT, co-starring Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger. Gyllenhaal is taking over for Katie Holmes, who originated the character in BATMAN BEGINS. Rachel was created for the movie and was not a part of the comic book series, so I have nothing to compare personalities to (and I refuse to pair up Maggie against Katie because that's not a fair fight). Maggie is best known in real life as the sister to actor Jake Gyllenhaal, the long-time partner of actor Peter Sarsgaard and the mother to their young daughter Ramona. There's no question that THE DARK KNIGHT will do well at the box office, but how well does Maggie fair in your hearts?

As for myself, I have a personal preference. But I'm trying not to influence anyone else. So at this point, I ask you... which of these Comic Book Movie Adaptation Summer Blockbuster Hotties do you think trumps the others? Your opinions on their looks, acting capacity and personalities are welcomed to be discussed. And let me know if you dig on this idea, so I can consider continuing it in the future..... XOXOXO.... Cherry.

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