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Barbara Palvin's sexy diplomatic skills in Russia Allure

12.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

The U.S. is now threatening to impose strict sanctions on Russia for being meddlesome in our democratic process. Russia is, in turn, promising some form of stern response. What can be done to put a stop to this dangerous game of brinkmanship? Send sexy diplomat – from a neutral country like Hungary – Barbara Palvin to remind the world of what's really important? If the leaders of these two countries would take a moment to check out Barbara's latest spread for Allure Russia, perhaps they could think of something better to do with their dicks besides measuring them. The world would be stunned over how quick a moment of tough guy posturing can turn into an opportunity for peace, when the guys in question are not so backed up. And who better to pave this pathway to peace than Barbara Palvin? If anyone has the ability to divert blood flow from head to pelvis, it is she. Just take a look at her comehither gaze and try not tinkering with your foreign parts.

Source: Allure Russia


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