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Barbara Palvin's leather bound ass looks like a fun ride

09.30.2016by: Droz

Based on my own experience, I can say for a fact that Barbara Palvin is far too sweet and soft to be a proper biker chick. They tend to be far more, shall we say, gritty. But that's no reason to discourage Barb from suiting up in a leather body suit thing and go pretending for the day. I'd give anything to be that motorcycle's seat in that moment. Or just any old thing she might decide to sit on for awhile. Those are quite lucky things and persons. Fortunately we can still enjoy the sight of Barbara doing her sweet and sexy thing in all this leather, which does an excellent job of accentuating her fine appointments.

As good as those pics are, I know the ideal way for Barbara to present herself is while wearing nothing at all. I can't give you that right now, but I do have a little topless Barb, with an unfortunate arm bra spoiler. Still, not bad.

Topless Barbara Palvin

Source: NSFW


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