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Barbara Palvin wants your attention fixed on her mouth

03.26.2015by: Droz

That's a good move for someone with as nice a mouth as Barbara Palvin has. Makes me think of all the ways I might use of such a perfect pair of lips. It also gets me musing on the possibility of Barbara wrestling with an oral fixation. That's one of those so-called psychological issues that I've never understood. They seem to want to classify that as a disorder of some kind, but what's wrong with ladies constantly in need of something to put in their mouths? Frankly, I think most men would fall down on their knees begging for a woman like that in their lives. And who better to give such a woman what she needs than that special man in her life. See, it's a win-win. She has her subconscious cravings satiated and so does he. Every relationship could use such an mutually beneficial sense of fulfillment at its core. Even better when it's with someone as cute as Barbara.

Source: NSFW


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