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Barbara Palvin tops off her week of hotness by getting down to basics

12.09.2016by: Droz

If you've been keeping up with all our coverage of Barbara Palvin's onslaught of sexy in recent days, you'll be aware of how she's repeatedly dangled the near nudity in our faces without ever quite crossing the line. Unfortunately her spot on the LOVE magazine advent calendar doesn't change anything there, despite speculation over whether or not her BASIC INSTINCT tribute is entirely accurate.

Barbara herself ended speculation there by admitting on her Twitter that she did indeed wear underwear for her version of the infamous leg uncrossing. I suspect anyone wondering about whether she was nude, probably hasn't actually seen a vagina before. Suffice it to say they tend to stand out. So there you go, one more case of Barbara not nude. If your blue balls are causing you distress, chin up. Because even though her spot on the 2017 Lui calendar doesn't really show anything either, I think we can safely assume she is indeed nude in it. Now that's what I call an ass.

Barbara Palvin in Lui 2017 Calendar

Barbara Palvin in Lui 2017 Calendar

Source: Love


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