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Barbara Palvin takes yet another step toward full on nudity

12.07.2016by: Droz

We've been talking a lot about Barbara Palvin inching her way toward full on nudity. I don't have a hotline to her thought processes on the matter, so I can't say if she's intentionally avoiding stepping across that line or just biding her time. Whatever her intentions are where going nekkid is concerned, Barbara's new spread in Lui magazine for December would seem to suggest she's inched even closer to the bare ass goal we all hope she's aiming for somewhere down the line. And yet again, the sight of her in almost nothing proves just how little need Barbara has for any kind of covering at all. Girl is possibly the most intoxicating model around right now. Even if she doesn't go totally all nude, there will still be plenty of good things to take in with Barbara.

Barbara Palvin December 2016 Lui Magazine cover

Source: Lui


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