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Barbara Palvin showed her holiday spirit by showing off her jingle bells

12.05.2016by: Droz

Every holiday season brings us this KISS FM Jingle Balls road show, wherein pop stars do their live show thing across the country. And being a high profile thing, it understandably brings out the hotties in droves, either as the tour's main event performers or just as eager attendees. One member of that latter group of hotties was Barbara Palvin, who did the requisite red carpet celeb thing in support of the show, and then a little more by revealing just how little she had on under her flight jacket.

I swear, this hot Hungarian continues to inch toward crossing that nudity line. She seems so very eager to let all her obvious goodness out into the daylight, but something sees to stop her just short of taking the leap. I wish she'd just do it already and save us from will she/wont she turmoil. I know there's that thing where you have to make us wait for it Barbara, but you don't want to get into persistent tease territory like some other models I could mention. Better to just rip that band-aid off quick and get it over with. Then it wont be such a big deal anymore. Besides, it's not like you have anything to hide. Quite the contrary.

Barbara Palvin Maxim 2016

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