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Barbara Palvin served up the Coney Island fun in her own sweet & sexy way

08.29.2016by: Droz

Sports Illustrated had a big event on Coney Island this weekend, probably as one of those last hurrah's to Summer 2016. I'm not quite as attached to this season as they seem to be. In fact, I'm pretty much of the mind that 2016 can go screw itself. I'm gonna be glad to see this year come to an end. Anyway, now that I've sprinkled that sugar and sunshine out there, let's talk about Barbara Palvin, who I find is always a good way to cheer one's self up. She's just got a quality about her I find pleasing, and not just on a physical attraction level, although she does have that in abundance. Barbara is a sweet, laid back, fun-loving human being who could probably milk some laughs out of the most boring or tedious occasion. Things get even better when she puts on a tiny bikini top with the cleavage popping and engages in some beach volleyball. Hey, you know what SI should do with the next swimsuit edition? Have them play some beach volleyball. They already have the bikinis, the beaches, and the fine-assed hotties. All they need do is put a net up and let them go to town. I would pay money to see that.

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