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Barbara Palvin's new fashion spread is okay in my book

03.23.2017by: Droz

Most of Barbara Palvin's spread in the new CR Fashion Book release is fairly sedate. It's not until you get to the last pic that things get interesting. It seems Barbara's routine as of late is to tease out just a bit more of those tits of hers to an infuriatingly incremental degree with each new spread, or social media post, or whatever. Really the entirety of her unbelievably hot body seems to be removing itself from any clothing one photo spread at a time. I like to think Barbara is getting braver with each subsequent snap of the camera, to the point where she's built up sufficient courage to finally just let that intoxicating body of hers out into the light completely unobscured. I sure do hope that fully nude moment is close at hand. I don't know how much longer I can stand all the titty teasing she's been up to lately.

Barbara Palvin Boobs tease

Source: CR Fashion Book


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