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Barbara Palvin made Monaco a little racier with her sexy thighs

05.31.2016by: Droz

They kicked off the the big Monaco Grand Prix last weekend, wherein insane race drivers push their F1 cars at top speed through the tiny streets of this equally tiny principality for the delight of billionaires and royalty. Those unfamiliar will probably remember the scene from IRON MAN 2 when Tony is attacked by Ivan Vanko in the race car with the plasma whips and stuff. Yeah, same event. Anyway, all kinds of folks tend to show up at this thing, because as with many similar events where a sport of some kind is supposed to be the whole point of the thing, emphasis is slowly being shifted to the fashion and celebrity side of things. Normally I'd be loathing of such emphasis shifts, but Barbara Palvin was an exception. Looking at her going around in her cute little cut offs and backwards cap, with her characteristic charm and whimsy in full effect, takes all the disapproval right out of me. She can show up wherever she likes as far as I'm concerned.

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