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Barbara Palvin is the gold standard when it comes to model obsessions

10.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I think I'm beginning to understand why models rarely smile. Since most of those who are currently heavily employed in the industry are under the age of 25, you have to consider that smiling only accentuates their youth, something that the fashion people want to downplay, since young girls looking sensual is (supposed to be) creepy. In a few more days, Barbara Palvin will be turning 23, an exceptional age to be when you're making your living off of being young and beautiful, but when she smiles, as she does so frequently because it's part of the charm she has in spades over her counterparts, she looks like a teenager. And with the sexualization of minors being a big no-no (that gets hush-hushed for the sake of making a buck), of course there are going to be people whispering in her ear to go duck lipped, head thrown back, hips jutted forward. I'm glad that she's not, for the most part, listening. I kinda like that she's got that free spirit to her that so many others look to have had beaten out of them.
Source: Saw First


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